" Please wear your personal protection equipment" (PPE) While Operating any Equipment or Machine                         

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Classes Begin at 8:30 am and Finish Approximately 4:00 pm

We are Closed Sundays, Statutory Holidays and Long Weekends Including Saturdays During the Long Weekends 

     CSA B335-94


(1) A person must not operate mobile equipment unless the person,

(a) has received adequate instruction in the safe use of the equipment.

(b) has demonstrated to qualified supervisor or instructor competency in operating the equipment

(d) is familiar with the operating instructions of the equipment.


Operator's responsibility

The operator of mobile equipment must operate the equipment safely, maintain full control of the equipment, and comply with the laws governing the operation of the equipment

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Forklift Operator Safety Training and Certification Courses

Regulations for Material Handling Equipment Operators:

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WorkSafe 16.4 & 16.5

Forklift Training and Certification: Vancouver & Area

About Us:

 Quality Operator Safety Training is our Commitment

A) Classroom Theory

B) Basic Principles of Operation

C) Load Handling

D) Operational Maintenance

E) Testing Requirements

F) Training & Refresher Courses

Graduated From Vancouver Community College with a British Columbia Provincial Instructors Diploma (PID) and Douglas College's Career Development Practitioners fulltime intensive Program (CDP) (Employment Counsellor). Certified in all Material Handling and Mobile Equipment including Excavators.

Our Head Instructor started with; an apprenticeship program as a heavy duty mechanic followed by a lengthy career in the field of Hydraulics as a Service Technician. (Over Twenty Five Years) He then worked as an Instructor for large companies training operators on Various Types of Mobile Equipment. 

After repairing and servicing machines from small garden tractors to  large logging and mining equipment, our instructor would    operate and test the equipment beyond the manufacturers specifications. All systems were always tested thoroughly during the operation of the machines.

Testing the equipment this way would assure the safety of the operator and that the machines would perform at the safest and  optimum operating conditions.


Having extensive knowledge about the Safety and Dangers of operating mobile equipment, our instructor will pass on this experience during the course and explain to the students what it is they need to be aware of when examining the hydraulic system and mechanical moving parts of the machine during a pre-use inspection.  

Our Head Instructors' knowledge in Heavy Duty Mechanical Repairs, Hydraulics and Machine Operation is where we exceed CSA, WorkSafe & OSHA requirements.